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  • OBERON Lubricant & Grease

OBERON Lubricant & Grease

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16 / 12 / 2019
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Detail OBERON Lubricant & Grease

We are authorized distributor for OBERON products in North Sumatra ( Indonesia) , here are information of our product: Ordinary lubricants are manufactured from paraffinic base oils that use low grade crudes and undergo a 3-step refining process. Oberon sets the standards in lubrication engineering with the creation of THE OBERON ISO-PARAFFINIC BASE OIL. The Oberon Iso-paraffinic base oil is made from the finest crudes and goes through a 5-step refining process to achieve the highest level of purity and quality. This process involves: • Distillation • Catalytic dewaxing • Isomerisation proprietary • Hydrocracking • De-sulphurisation Oberon Iso-paraffinic base oil features • Extremely high viscosity index ( HVI 150) • Extra low evaporation loss • Excellent chemical stability • Excellent oxidation stability • Excellent thermal stability • Excellent fluidity • High chemical purity • Very low ash and acid content • Extremely low carbon residue • Excellent compatibility with elastomers • High solvency for additives Oberon Iso-paraffinic base oil is further reinforced and enhanced with an exclusive additive package called, OBERON SL3 formulated to: • Improve the viscosity index • Increase oxidation stability • Keep contaminants in suspension • Prevent lacquers and deposits • Prevent acid attacks • Reduce friction • Prevent scuffing • Depress the pour point • Prevent rusting • Prevent foaming The final product is a complete Oberon lubricant, customised to meet the needs of every application. THE OBERON MANUFACTURING COMPANY, THE TECHNOLOGICALLY ADVANCED LUBRICANTS SPECIALIST THE OBERON SUPER GREASES - ACKNOWLEDGED BY INDUSTRY TO BE THE MOST SIGNIFICANT ADVANCEMENT IN GREASE TECHNOLOGY IN 25 YEARS Oberon Super Greases have been awarded the highest GC-LB performance rating by the National Lubricating Grease Institute of America Oberon Super Greases are formulated from New Polyurea Technology - proven to outperform conventional and specialty greases including benchmark lithium, lithium complex greases. Oberon Super Greases are also the most compatible greases in the market today. Oberon Super Greases are a truly multi-purpose breakthrough in grease technology - possessing many unique and outstanding features - at the same time giving superior performance in a wide range of applications. Environmentally Friendlier Products The gradual destruction of the environment by harmful industrial chemicals and compounds is a concern to all of us. As a socially responsible company, Oberon' s research focuses on formulating friendlier chemicals through advanced Polyurea Technology to produce the Oberon The Oberon Super Greases • Longer Life • Superior Corrosion Protection • High Drop Point • Excellent Extreme Pressure ( EP) Performance • Superior Water Resistance • Compatibility with Elastomer Seals • Outstanding Shear Stability • Cost Effectiveness • Extreme Temperature Protection • Multi-purpose Capabilities PT.KHARISMAPRATAMA ABADISEJATINDO Medan Office CP: Eric Tanujaya, ST Mobile: 081361141950 / 06177805047 Telp: + 62-61-8469822, + 62-61-8469806, + 62-61-8472878, + 62-61-77805047, + 62-61-77883141, + 62-61-77883142 Website: v2/ E-mail: sales.medan@ ; sparepart.medan@ Jakarta Representative CP: Freddy Tanujaya, ST Mobile: 08164833006 Telp: + 62-21-70011387/ + 62-21-30553301 / + 62-21-30553302 Fax Jakarta: + 62-21-6345859 E-mail: sales.jakarta@ ; sparepart.jakarta@ Temukan kami di: 1. 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